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TRAINING AND MIRROR (Mind-muscle connection)

A little game with food and show !! Every season we are amazed at how amazing the body is. I don’t know if you’ve noticed how much easier it is to train when you’re not checking your form every day in the mirror or the gym, which is actually just a big distraction.

When you have a "bodybuilder's" brain, you always check the formula, never enough, and over time you are always the same to yourself. I mean, it makes sense if you deal with "appearance" that you will constantly check "separations", "volume" etc ... but after a few years of training the body can no longer progress so much so the progress will be minimal, the result and quality will be evaluated, but in shades. One top trick or actually how to increase mental focus on work, diet and training itself is believed to be either hoodie or some huge t-shirt that covers everything. Why?

FOCUS IS THE MAIN CONDITION FOR MUSCLE GROWTH You’ve had a chance to see Kai Green always training dressed with a hood, with of course increased sweating etc .. but that’s the smallest item. In fact, when you are not looking at yourself, your form does not distract you, which gives you more space for quality training and better focus on training and to actually dedicate yourself most to "Mind-Muscle Connection", which actually means the connection of "muscles and head". Not in a literal translation, but it’s about having a better focus on training. Most of you train well, but not well enough, you spend most of your training on poor repetition because it is not a good pump condition for muscle growth but a good ️ ️FOCUS‼ ️

People train the most to look great when going out, or because of some fast, as I would say, blitz form before the summer and use a variety of "accessories", and just by the form you can conclude how much knowledge someone actually has. Just like in everything, the more effort you put in, the more you will get, except that building form and changing navigation is quite a big stress in the beginning, which of course leads to better. The ego must not guide you through formulas or various forum stories and experiences. This may just be a good guideline for better progress, but not that you will benefit from it, perhaps in small nuances. You have to understand that each program and training is individual, as well as the biorhythm and way of training, body structure, etc.

The point of the story: if you haven't tried it, try it, because there are too many of you with a problem with focus and general distraction in training (cell phones, a friend, your girlfriend, social media etc.…) Quality takes time and will, but you wouldn't believe it, you are progressing in some better quality training like me - how small a segment is actually, and change is very important in some situations, you would not believe. It all starts from the head and so does the focus and character building, and this hoodie trick is just a little mind game in the whole story.

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