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It is true that banning drinking one pack of 6 bottles of beer or a refreshing drink with a lot of carbohydrates would be a much better solution for acquiring 6 plates on the stomach than 600 stomach contractions.

The secret of the abdominal muscles is literally in their visibility, not in strength. It can do as many as six million abdominal exercises, but it won’t affect abdominal definition or muscle visibility. When people ask me what exercises, movements are best for the abdomen, I tell them to “push the table”. It takes them a few seconds to figure it out. It’s not a joke, it’s a bloody reality. If you want a nicer belly, eat less and exercise more - but not just your abdominal muscles!

The concept of exercising the abdominal muscles for the sake of visible plaques is the oldest mistake in the world of exercise. The idea is based on the myth of local fat burning, which has never succeeded, nor will it. Numerous studies have been conducted and the results have always been the same - you cannot reduce fat deposits with one part of the body by exercising only that part of the body. This means that men who do a “flat” belly perform abdominal contractions, and ladies who work on the inside of the thighs exercise on the device, just wasting time. This is the real key to burning fat in an exercise that engages the whole body and will always stay that way.


Each exercise ended with some interval cardio instead of extra abdominal contractions. Interval exercise is a great weapon for removing fat deposits and achieving the definition that emerges afterwards. Such exercise burns more calories than aerobic exercise of steady intensity. Since it is a "sprint" program, the result will be a solid body that sprinters have. Exercising the abdomen will reduce the footwear of the profession, but will not help reduce the amount of body fat.

The situation is otherwise like this, abdominal training - or as it is called today core training - is very important from several points of view. A strong torso (abdominal muscles) is one of the significant elements in preventing low back pain. A well-functioning torso gives a man a better look and increases performance in any sport, but abdominal contractions and other abdominal exercises will not melt body fat. And here’s another useful tip: don’t do just a few hundred abdominal contractions! Proper abdominal or torso exercise is something more than that. In fact, most of the program should be completed by such isometric exercises (no movement, when the muscles are tightened) as holding the foreground or side plan. The basic function of the muscular trunk is to prevent movement. What does that mean? That the abdominal muscles are great stabilizers. It works on the function of stabilizing the torso, not just on movements (such as abdominal contractions) and tensions (such as hyperextension

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