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The most common mistakes with girls and the approach to the gym

My dear ladies!

You go to the gym to exercise, which is for every praise and recognition, but it is not enough to achieve results. There are several mistakes that women often make in the gym and because of which their development is imperceptible, they try in vain at every workout.


If you haven’t exercised in a long time, or have never had the good fortune to work with a professional trainer, then you may not know that muscles need rest and regeneration to develop. If you exercise the same muscles every day, then they have no chance of regeneration, and will never start to develop, strengthen and become more tense. Each muscle group needs at least 48 hours of rest after intense training. And if you’re at an advanced level, then you’ll only be exercising one muscle group once a week. Rest is as important as exercise, do not be afraid that your muscles will not develop properly due to too much rest, because on the contrary, too much training will prevent their development.


There is still a belief among women that they will become very big due to lifting weights. My dear ladies, because you will receive weights and exercise regularly with them, you will not become a bodybuilder. At the same time, it is true that you will not change anything in muscle tone if you do cardio exercises for hours. You may burn fat, but what will be left next? You'll see, not much. And you will still be considered thick and soft. Weight training is what will shape your sexy arms, firm buttocks, flat stomach and desirable figure. Not to mention that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn even while resting. Muscle tissue is really voracious! If you are in a friendly relationship with weights, you can calmly increase your calorie intake, in the interest of maintaining weight and developing. Your bone density will also increase from weight training, and you will successfully fight osteoporosis.


OK, it’s not just about women. If you look at one bodybuilder - a competitor in the gym, you can see that you drink as much as 2 liters of water during one workout. Many now certainly resent it. But why is it important to consume water? Because on the one hand it removes toxins. It helps maintain joint health, avoiding dizziness, and metabolism - metabolism will be maintained to a greater degree. It also reduces the feeling of hunger. Do you have more questions?


Excessive cardio exercise not only spoils the formula, but also destroys the immune system. It increases the amount of cortisol in the body, which in turn leads to the breakdown of muscle tissue. The less muscle, the slower the metabolism. Do cardio exercises a maximum of 3-4 times a week for about an hour. Of course, everyone has a different organization, so personal applications are needed, but it is certain that occasional athletes will need cardio workouts 7 times a week for 3 hours.


Both men and women “do interesting exercises” in the gym, but many women make the same mistake when pulling in front of their head with a wide grip. The emphasis here is on the broad back muscles. But many women use nothing but their hands. In this exercise, when performed correctly, the bar should be taken slightly wider than shoulder width and pulled to chest height so that during the pull the back remains flat and the upper parts of the body are slightly tilted back. One should concentrate on the back muscles, the arms are just a tool that serves as a grip.


How many times do we see in the gym that women do nothing but abdominal contractions, leg raises, twisters and millions of other abdominal muscle exercises. Of course, there are also men who work ... Many still believe that this will thin the waist. So let’s repeat once again: by doing sit-ups you can’t get rid of fat deposits from your stomach. And your waist will become thinner if you don't have fat on it. You may think it will be beneath the fatty deposits of shaped muscles made by the taut outer part of the abdomen, but that is a big mistake. Because on the outside there will be nothing but greasy pads, which have been there so far. Removal of fat deposits is possible with the appropriate part and cardio exercise. It is good to do sit-ups two or three times a week, if you get rid of fat deposits, that amount of exercise is quite enough for firm bellies.


I don’t think this needs to be specifically explained. You’re at the gym, and sweating is healthy. Don’t be afraid of makeup! Why are you wearing makeup at all? Why did you come to the gym? Train first, you’re not on a date, are you?


We call women who come to training completely dressed up with perfume clouds. There is no "better" feeling when a man under a heavy weight is all out of breath, or on a cardio machine, and only wants to get oxygen, but only the rose clouds reach his nostrils. This can be very annoying because it is easily irritated, makes you cough, which is not a very pleasant thing during training. Rather leave the roses at home.


This is a common mistake in men as well. If you have had one good workout, when you have successfully worked out your muscles, how do you think they will regenerate and develop if you are not going to get the nutrients back into the body? Development is the result of regenerated muscle through rest and nutrients. Muscles get injured during training, so if there are no nutrients, no regeneration, no development. The most ideal combination is whey protein isolate with L-glutamine. Add 40 g of carbohydrates and 5 g of glutamine to 40 g of isolate. Of course we are all different in terms of body weight, genetics and goals, so everyone should calculate for themselves according to the need for nutrients, exactly how much, or what amounts we need.


The ladies are ready to do this exercise day and night in order to achieve as thin a waist as possible. But I will remind you of point 6 on the one hand, and on the other hand this exercise makes the side of the torso muscular, of which you will only have a wider waist, by no means thinner. Moreover, women who only exercise occasionally should not do this exercise at all.


Marko Drčić

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