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In order to take everything that is written in magazines and that is recommended from famous celebrity supplements, there should be millions, of course everything has its how, why and when and dietary supplements. they recommend a large number of supplements, of course, they are all important to us, each of them is of some importance, but where does everyone get the money for that ...

Of course, nowadays it is difficult! ...

THE SOLUTION IS: choose the most basic and take the supplements we need in cycles, because then we will save money and supplements will complement each other and work harmoniously.

PROTEINS, CREATINE, GLUTAMINE, ARGININE, BCAA NATURAL TESTOSTERONE STIMULANTS, SYNTHETIC SOURCES AND ANTI AGENTS such as "tribulus" and so on, everything is offered indefinitely ... only for this basket of listed supplements you need over 150€ and where more diet base because now we are talking of course only about supplements ... That's why there are rules for who and in everything, that's why I'm going to make a little table that might help and save some money, for us ordinary mortals.


1. MONTH: vegan whey protein, creatine, multivitamin, vitamin c, fish oil or linseed oil, CLOARELLA ashwagandha 2. MONTH : whey protein, creatine, arginine, multivitamin, vitamin c, fish oil, SPIRULINA ... MSM ashwagandha, ginkgo belupo tea ...

3. MONTH whey protein, creatine, arginine, BCAA, multivitamin, vitamin c, fish oil, ashwagandha ...

4. MONTH: whey protein, arginine, BCAAs, antiagens, multivitamin, vitamin c, fish oil, ashwagandha

5.MONTH: whey protein, creatine, BCAAs, antiagens, multivitamin, vitamin c, fish oil, ashwagandha

6.MONTH: whey protein, creatine, arginine, multivitamin, vitamin c, fish oil, vitamin E and D.

Google the listed supplements in the table for better personal information or inquire in supplement stores. , health and muscle growth of course take the recommended supplements that of course do not function with proper training, rest and nutrition .. In the table you noticed that some supplements are constantly in play that health supplements that are taken every day of the year and are needed by the body every day and if exposed to effort and if not because today's fast-paced lifestyle simply requires us necessary vitamin minerals as and other diets..Other supplements are taken in cycles because if we overdo it there will be no desired effect..For example caffeine,

When you first drink a large dose of caffeine (as a dietary supplement or in an energy drink), then you immediately feel an explosion of energy. But if you consume that same amount for several months, then it will no longer be the same explosive energy level, you will have to continuously increase this dose. But if you drink the original amount of caffeine again after a month's break, the effect will be phenomenal again. The same goes for other supplements. If you take one supplement for several months, the feeling of action will become less, which is a sign . From the history of sports, it has been learned that pausing for a certain period of time with taking certain products did not significantly reduce fitness and their results. When they start taking an already effective product again, the effect will be shown almost immediately and will be significant. Don't worry, the achieved result will not disappear.

Stay tuned for new article!!

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