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SODIUM POTASSIUM pump ... (not for beginners) The solution to your problems lies in two minerals...

And don't forget to drink water. Lots of water.

This week I will try to bring the volume of the game closer. 15 days ago I weighed about 117 kg with 11% body weight, and now after quality emptying and filling I have 115 kg and 8 to 9% body weight with even more volume. More on that below… How to gain in volume only at the expense of manipulating minerals (Potassium and Sodium) with large water intake? By the way, “pumping” volume is my favorite part through a certain training cycle and the answer to the question of how to constantly gain quality and build mass, and be sculpted.

Equally, it is a great period of training when you work with heavy weights to make the body firmer, stronger and fuller, which reduces the possibility of injury and activates the central nervous system. Two minerals are important for the balance of water in our body, and these are sodium (table salt) and potassium (potatoes, bananas), which are especially dear to me in the phase of gaining weight. we take a lot of sodium, or salty foods, it pulls and retains water under the subcutaneous adipose tissue which makes us even more watery, greasy, thicker.

This is one of the main reasons why you are depressed and do not like to look in the mirror. This is especially pronounced in girls. No, if we reduce sodium then that water is expelled and the muscles come to the fore more. An even better thing is that the muscles will stand out even more if we take in larger amounts of potassium because it "pulls" water into the muscle, which increases accordingly, so it looks like we are muscles ... This, sodium intake should be reduced and potassium intake increased. You must not overdo it, because it can be dangerous!

Another important thing: if you want the right effect, it is necessary to drink a minimum of 3 liters of water a day. Best of all, the results are visible even in a few hours! By the way, foods that contain a lot of potassium are tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes ...

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