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How to grow calf muscles?

Like any other muscle group, there are calf muscle in which effort and effort are required and which need to be trained in a variety of ways.

The leaves are an often neglected muscle group. They are small and not so interesting compared to the pectoral muscles or arms, but they are extremely important for proportional muscle structure. Here are some instructions on the principles of leaf training…

Lifting on toes with rotated feet puts unnecessary and potentially dangerous stress on the knees and hips. If you point your fingers slightly outward, you may be comfortable but there will be no special stimulation. If your feet are flat, you will do what is necessary and you will not lose energy or take unnecessary risks.


Let the leaves in the lower position stretch completely which will increase the tension during the eccentric part of the exercise (as you lower your heels) and you will be forced to do extra work as you rise to your toes. On the other hand, you need to raise your toes as much as possible to achieve maximum contraction. You don’t usually do half a repetition for other parts of the body and that’s why you do the full range of motion here as well. But do the exercise slowly to achieve maximum contraction and stretching.


You need to get rid of the tactic of how you should engage and stimulate as many muscle fibers as possible. So I recommend 1-2 heavy sets and then 2-3 lighter sets with already number of reps (after heavy sets).


Because it is a small muscle group, your leaves can most likely recover faster than large muscle groups. This is why some bodybuilders work on calf muscle more often. Set yourself enough time to recover though - at least three days, and maybe even longer. The general rule is that if you are always tired from the last workout on the list, take another break before the new workout.


Most bodybuilders first do a toe lift to warm up both the gastrocnemius and soleus. No, reverse the order of the exercise from time to time to shock the muscles.


Many make the mistake of removing just one exercise from one angle in a training routine. They stand on a leaf machine, do a few sets, and move on to another muscle group in the belief that they have done what they could for their leaves. In fact the only thing they did for their papers was wake them up

Marko Drčić

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