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A muscle that you must never neglect trapezius!

A strong and large trapeze helps you with exercises such as deadlifts, shoulder push-ups and sitting rowing, not to mention physical appearance.

The trapezius is a large muscle that descends from the neck to half of the back. Although many bodybuilders do not train it specifically, because they think that one "exercise" at the end of the training is enough for the shoulders, you must not neglect it.

When you do an exercise such as a "double biceps" trapeze dominates the back of the body, as well as the shoulder girdle and back. So it’s good to be strong and huge (only if you’re an ectomorph like me then you shouldn’t overdo it because it grows like a mushroom by itself). Ectomorphs have a slightly narrower bone structure in the shoulder girdle and therefore you should be appropriately careful when training the shoulder because it is dominant and is actually a skill not to hit it if you work the shoulder - a muscle group that a lot of beginners do wrong (not to deviate from the topic, next time we will also talk about it).

A strong and large trapeze helps you with exercises such as deadlifts, shoulder thrusts and sitting rowing. Of course, there is a whole range of exercises in which it is simply indispensable. If we talk about physical appearance and body proportions, the larger the trapezoid, the more “brutal” the appearance of the shoulders, only some then exaggerate and start looking bad or create shoulder imbalances that have turned into a slight kyphosis “ Unfortunately, due to the very position of these muscles, they have quite limited movements, and therefore over time, exercises that affect only this muscle. So there are only a few types of exercises you can do. These are chin pulls (or upright paddles) and shrugging. Of course, all variations of these exercises come into consideration — front and back squats with court weights, with ropes or on machines, as well as squats with dumbbells, then a narrow and wide pull to the chin with a straight or Z-bar and pull with a rope.

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